For any general questions not listed below, call toll-free 929-624-9392 (ext 1)

Q: Can I have size adjustments to the shirt different from what is offered?
A: Yes, we can make almost any custom alteration to fit just about anyone perfectly.

Q: If A shirt is made custom or custom fit, what extra charges are there?
A: None. Since we have our own production facility, we do not charge anything extra for custom design or fit.

Q: How long does it take for a custom fit/design shirt to be made and shipped?
A: We offer fastest lead time in the country. Once an order is placed, we will make and ship within one business day. We ship 2-day priority mail, or can ship overnight express. You must pay for shipping.

Q: What if the shirt doesn’t fit?
A: Satisfaction is our goal, therefore we allow a 7-day exchange or return policy without any hassle. We just ask you to pay to ship the
shirt back.

Q: I changed my mind on my order, can I return it?
A: No refund after 7 days

Q: I need a shirt ASAP, how fast can you get it to me?
A: Depending on the time of day shirt is ordered, we can prioritize to make shirt same day or next day and ship right. Make sure to email us first. away.overnightexpress. We can accept phone orders and discuss handling options, 212-317-9109

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