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This started at first because it was something my girl and I loved to do. We didn’t like drinking alcohol straight up sometimes so we would mix it with juice and we started to become more creative. 2016 was the first year we decided to turn our creativity into a small business. Two young Entrepreneurs, myself at the time I was a college student, she worked full time so we wanted to make some extra money on the side…later on we came with up this logo because we felt it would be appealing and now we are starting to spread our creativity through nyc!

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What our clients say


Keep worcing king you inspiring the Ppl


My cuzo doing things.. praised my guy for being a hustler.. dont let anything hold you down. i got your back no matter what. Love you bro.


A Blue one would be nice too


Best drinks in nyc!


You my guy! Impeccable Honestly perfect strength. Felt great off 2. Perfect balancce of colada mix and Henney

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